Exclusive country accommodation, just for cats.

Merecats Resort is an idyllic country retreat exclusively for cats, providing wonderful “home away from home” accommodation in a tranquil rural environment.

Resort facilities are all new, modern, safe and very comfortable and as there are no unwanted distractions such as dogs and city traffic, your feline friend is ensured a peaceful, stress-free stay.


Where cats feel "at home"

Our spacious "walk-in" sized units feature heating and
cooling, plenty of fresh country air and sunshine, garden
access and interesting rural views.
Add to that our very friendly and attentive staff and our
priority of ensuring your precious family member feels
as "at home" as possible
- and you may find he/she
wants to stay!

Merecats Resort is located in Clunes, Victoria, just
down the road from Daylesford where Australians go
to relax.  We believe your cat deserves to relax too!



Merecats Resort:  265 Creswick Rd.  Clunes, Victoria           Email