Get your pet accustomed to the pet capsule before travelling.  Cats often associate capsules with trips
to the vet so it’s a good idea to place it close to their feeding or sleeping area for a few days before travel.

Give your pet some exercise before the trip.

Don't feed your pet on the day of travel; just allow them access to water.  A treat is okay, just not a meal.

Do not sedate unless specifically recommended by a
vet.  This can cause dehydration and anxiety in some

If the trip to Merecats Resort is likely to take more than
45 minutes then one or two short trips in the car leading up to it is a good idea.  It reinforces that nothing bad
will happen.

Settling in

Stay calm - our pets feel our stress and it makes them anxious as well.

Bring something familiar from home to help your cat
settle in.  A favourite toy, blanket, basket, piece of
bedding or one of your old t-shirts, etc.

Don’t make any radical changes to your cat’s lifestyle prior to sending them off for boarding. They will soon twig that something is up and this can make the settling in process more stressful.  This is especially important in terms of meals.  If you have been meaning to put your cat on a diet to lose weight for example, the best time to do this is AFTER their stay with us, when they are comfortably back home.


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