What is a good diet?

Contemporary dietary advice for cats is quite mixed these days with some suggesting cats should eat a nutritionally balanced, healthy programmed diet of dry food and others suggesting a diet of fresh raw meat is more natural.  Some recommend a blend of premium quality tinned foods, dry food and fresh meats.

Happiness is the best healthcare we can give

At Merecats Resort our main concern however is the comfort and happiness of your moggy.  Cats are creatures of habit and don’t enjoy being taken out of their familiar environment.  To help alleviate this stress it is our goal to help your cat feel as “at home” as possible and that means feeding them whatever they are used to eating at home.  Familiar food helps your feline friend to settle in and enjoy their stay more.

Quality and diversity

We keep on hand a range of:
Premium dry foods such as Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams, Purina and so on.
Premium tinned foods such as Purina, Dine, Advance, Whiskers, Fancy Feast and so on.
Fresh raw meat from the butcher is also provided.

Menu planning

On arrival we will discuss your cat’s usual diet and
arrange to match it as closely as possible in terms of
type and brand.  In general, we will be guided by you and your choice of any combination of fresh meat, dry food, wet food and milk.

In addition, we are only too happy to administer any
specialist dietary supplements or medicines.
 We ask only that you provide clear instructions and
sufficient quantity to cover the duration of their stay with us
There is no extra charge for this service.

Pampering - We can't help ourselves

All staff at Merecats Resort are cat lovers.  We can't help but pamper our guests with special attention and extra pats; it's who we are.  To this end we keep a selection of healthy snacks on hand and if we notice that any of our guests appear bored or a little homesick, we like to give them a treat to perk them up again.
 - We will check with you beforehand to make sure this appropriate for your cat.


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