General Health:

Cats must be 5 months or older.
A current F3 or F4 vaccination is required. (All vaccinations must be completed at least two weeks prior to boarding.)
Flea and Worm prevention must be current.
Please report any illness or injury your pet has had in the past – it helps us to be aware of this so we can better monitor their general health.

Medical Conditions:

If your cat is on any prescribed medication we are
only too happy to continue their treatment. Clear
and detailed instructions of any prescription must
be provided. This includes any dietary or vitamin
supplements they might be taking.

All medicines, supplements and special dietary
additives must be provided by you to cover the full
duration of your cats stay with us. Please feel free
to discuss any special medical or health care
circumstances with our staff. We want to care for
your feline friend as if they were our own.

Veterinary Care:

If your cat becomes unwell during its stay you can rest assured that qualified staff are on hand and a specialist vet is only minutes away.  We will contact you whenever possible before commencing any treatment.  If we can’t contact you we will provide the appropriate care and treatment needed until we can make contact.

If your cat requires any elective care such as nail clipping, dentistry, grooming or any other procedure, you can schedule this during your cats stay.  This provides an excellent opportunity to do the procedure and have your cat monitored and fully recovered before returning home. Please speak to our staff to arrange this at the time of booking.


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