A safe country haven

Merecats Resort is a secluded 4 acre country property set amongst farms, bushland and rolling hills.
A large, newly built American style barn provides safe and secure shelter for all the individual resort style accommodation units.  Both individual and family units are available and we also have a fully indoor kitten room with its own individual play area overlooking the indoor garden area.


9 single units are available for single cats.
4 family units are available for multiple cats.
1 fully indoor kitten room with its own individual play area
overlooking the indoor garden area.

Spacious and comfortable

Each resort style unit is individually decorated and split level with ramps and platforms for added interest.
Guests can choose beween Garden Units and Home Units.

These units have both an indoor and outdoor section.

The indoor section offers a warm and comfortable “safe
zone” for sleeping/napping, meals and toilet and has
views to a central fernery.

The private outdoor area features a combination of grass
and garden with flowers and potted plants, play things,
platforms for soaking up the sun and great country views.
Solar garden lights come on automatically at night for the more nocturnal guests!

These units are exclusively indoors and are perfect for "house" cats and those that prefer the indoors.  They are the same size as the Garden Units.

Home Units are climate controlled with individual reverse-cycle air conditioning to keep you furry friend toasty warm in winter and cool in summer.

Sunny windows offer a view of the outside world and supervised play is also provided in the larger indoor play area.


Our priority is to help them feel "at home"

At Merecats Resort our priority is making sure our furry guests feel as “at home” and pampered as possible:

          • All units have both heating and cooling and offer plenty of fresh air.
          • Music or TV is played at various times throughout the day.
          • “Cuddle and Play” time is set aside for each day for every feline guest with
             the attendant on duty and includes brushing (if they like it).
          • Scratching posts and various cat toys are provided for entertainment.
          • Fresh drinking water is constantly available.
          • Units, bedding and litter trays are cleaned daily.
          • Pampering Plus - Beds are heated at night in the cooler months!


Merecats Resort:  265 Creswick Rd.  Clunes, Victoria           Email